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About Us

”I enjoy cooking at home, fishing and the outdoors. I have always had quality knives. I noticed that after a certain point my knives wouldn’t maintain an edge. My honing steel didn’t work any longer. I was one day shown how a knife should be re-honed properly by the owner of Victory Knives. I wanted to create a convenient and fast door-to-door solution which would help customers with similar challenges, irrespective of where they lived. With recent events causing travel restrictions, we were inspired to start “The Knife Guys".

Bryce Stickland - Co-Founder

"I am also a Kiwi (You can't get rid of us!!!) who is passionate about finding solutions to problems and bringing those solutions to consumers. Growing up in the South Island of New Zealand we would often take our knives down to the farmers markets to get them sharpened. We noticed that at times the knives came back with scratches on them. Bryce and I decided to put our heads together to make an exceptional service available to everyone. This service does not require a special trip into town.

We hope you enjoy our service!

David Loveridge - Co-Founder